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Helping busy business leaders and their teams find focus, take action and drive bottom-line performance.

Interpersonal Coaching

Step back from overwhelm and learn what it takes to be an extraordinary leader

Develop the clarity and skills to solidify winning teams, mentor others and advance your career success more quickly.


Define your vision and hone in on how to get there so you can lead with confidence

Unlock Your

Go from good to great and become the leader you were meant to be

and Lead

Develop better relationships and move your team forward for powerful results

Become the leader
you were meant to be

Most new executives don’t yet have the skills to cope with change or conflict.

Here’s the problem: most leaders haven’t been taught how to lead. Sure they’re incredibly good at managing their specific job function or core competency.

But quite often, new executives are missing the human side of leadership: self-awareness, intentional listening and communication, dealing with conflict and showing empathy in understanding motivations and behaviors.

We’re so busy working in (and on) the business that we forget to work on ourselves. And quite often, that means we just don’t have the tools to deal with change and all the emotions, conflict and miscommunication that comes with it.

Why do I need an executive coach — and why now?

In today’s competitive marketplace, even the most capable executives sometimes struggle with how to be a great leader. You’re expected to create an inspirational vision, develop teams and employees, manage change and still somehow create bottom-line results.

With so much on your plate, it’s easy to feel like everything is out of control and all you’re doing is triaging problems and putting out fires.

When you’re under so much pressure, the right coach provides a fresh perspective, builds your confidence and skills and helps you reach your goals more quickly.

The Prometheus Interpersonal Coaching Difference

We focus on getting to the root cause of your challenges, so that you and your team can make a long-term difference for your company. We’ll help you find focus, gain clarity and take action.

Unless you get results, nothing else matters.


  • Develop a more effective communication style
  • Build resilient teams and empower employees
  • Drive performance and bottom-line results

Leadership Training

Corporate Coaching for Busy Professionals

Are you surviving or thriving? Develop the skills and tactics you need to go from good to great and get to the top of your industry more quickly.

  • Discover your strengths
  • Strengthen relationships and develop teams
  • Unlock your leadership potential
  • Improve communication and prevent conflict
  • Build a better business

Assessment Tools & Services

We’ll help you not only identify what you do but WHY you do it — so you gain much deeper and more useful insights into what makes you and those around you behave the way they do.

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Monthly Leadership Seminars

Learn alongside other leaders how to address root causes and better understand why conflict arises and how to lead with clarity and empathy when putting out fires.

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Personal Executive Coaching

This one-on-one training will explore in-depth the cause and effect of your leadership style, allowing you to work more efficiently and sustainability as you develop and better your team.

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Here’s How it Works

We help busy professionals learn how to be more effective leaders and develop leadership strategies that create immediate impact and lasting change.

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We’ll help you gain self-awareness, clarify goals, focus on improving communication and create long-term and sustainable change.

Client Success Stories

“The Color Code has been a part of our new manager development program at Nordstrom for over five years and is far and away the most popular of the programs we offer to new managers. In all my years of training, I have not come across any other personality-profiling program that is better than The Color Code. It is simple and easy to remember, a must with today’s busy manager.”


Toni Benard
Training Director

“What started as a 4-hour presentation has now turned into an operating philosophy of tolerance and understanding. People on our staff are communicating better with each other because they are looking at themselves first rather than at the person with whom they are having the conflict. It has also been a great tool for the management team. We have incorporated The Color Code into hiring practices as well as into our employee evaluations. Once again thanks for everything – your training concepts are incredible and your staff is an absolute pleasure to work with!”


William Beerman
Director Patient Administration

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